Allergy Symptoms

To put it simply, allergies just aren’t much fun for anyone. A person suffering from allergies may endure runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, coughing, rashes, fatigue, and much more. While mild allergies may be manageable, a severe response may become intolerable. Those who just can’t seem to decrease the intensity of their allergy symptoms, can turn to an allergy doctor, like an allergist in Falls Church, VA from Black & Kletz Allergy, for a consultation. They can imagine that serious allergies can eventually interfere with your daily life. What they can do is talk with your further about your allergies, to determine the best course of action for treatment and relief. 

Frequent Sneezing

As a human, every person sneezes occasionally. However, there is a way to determine whether the sneeze is due to allergies or something else tickling your sinuses. What triggers nasal allergies for one person, may not be the same for another. If a person has seasonal allergies, he or she may respond severely to grass, pollen, trees, or a mold after it rains. An allergy doctor can help you figure out what is causing your sneezes, in addition to how you can avoid your triggers so symptoms can decrease in severity.

Relentless Coughing

When someone is sick, they may cough as a result of a cold or flu virus. This kind of cough may have a strong onset initially, but then taper off as the person begins feeling better. A relentless dry cough that just won’t go away may be due to allergies. A cough that stems from allergies, may only be present during certain seasons or environments which are emitting triggering allergens.

Skin Rashes

When a rash blooms, it can change the appearance and feel of the skin. A rash may look itchy, bumpy, cracked, swollen, warm to the touch, and blistered. A rash can develop as a response to a food allergen, direct contact, or infection. It can be frustrating trying determine the root cause of rash, welps, bumps, and redness. After a consultation and tests, an allergy doctor may diagnose you with contact dermatitis, hives, or eczema. Common triggers for rashes can include food, medications, insect bites, environmental factors, topical contact, or viral infections. 

Fatigue/Decreased Energy

Most people associate sneezing, watery eyes, and coughing as symptoms of allergies. Fatigue can also be a sign that allergies have been triggered. Disrupted sleep can point to an improperly or inadequately treated bout of allergies. When the nose is stuffed and a person sneezes constantly, it can be almost impossible to get a good night of rest. An allergy doctor may suggest not using over-the-counter allergy medications, as this can interfere with sleep. 

If you are plagued by coughing, sneezing, lack of sleep, or other uncomfortable allergy symptoms, please let us help. Call today to book your free appointment with an allergy doctor. Every person deserves to go about their day not in distress over allergies. Call an office before you endure yet another day of battling intolerable symptoms.