Couples Counseling Sessions

Are you feeling disconnected from your spouse?

Is there an affair or infidelity going on?

Is one of you considering legal separation or a divorce?

Do you think there might still be a way to repair things?

If you feel like there is turbulence in your relationship and you would like to explore the related reasons, and better yet, try to resolve such problems, couples counseling may be a solution.

Trained and certified therapists have helped hundreds of couples, from all backgrounds, resolve their differences in a comfortable, unbiased environment. To explore your options for couples counseling, please call us today.

How You Can Choose the Right Couples Counselor

A couples counselor is not someone who will act as a referee during an argument. Nor will any respectable counselor take sides; in fact, this is not within the ethical standards of counseling and therapy.  Effective couples counseling combines skill building, feedback from the counselor, and insight on communication patterns. Homework assignment and techniques provided by your counselor can also be beneficial. One of the primary goals of couples counselling sessions is to teach you how to be a better partner and make healthy changes that last.

When you are looking for the right couples counselor, you might want to ask a few questions such as:

  • How active and/or directive will you be during the session?
  • What is your primary focus as a counselor?
  • What type of approach or techniques do you use?
  • Do you prefer to meet with the couple or with the individual?
  • Do you focus on strengthening the couple or the individual – on a separate basis?
  • How many couples counseling sessions do you have per week? If it is less than 5, couples counseling may not be the main thrust of their practice.

In addition to these basic questions, you should also discuss insurance coverage and the length of each session.

What Happens When Your Spouse Does Not Want to Attend Couples Counseling Sessions?

Quite frequently, one spouse does not wish to attend the couples counseling sessions. Although counselors would like to see both partners committed to improving the relationship, they have been able to help many relationships with just one person attending the couples counseling sessions.

A couples counselor believes that even one person can better a relationship by becoming more aware of the situation and it’s needs; afterwhich, making some fine-tune adjustments that can help you to interpret and respond to your interactions in a healthier manner.

Ask Yourself, If Not Right Now, When?

If you know there are problems in your relationship, there is no better time than now to consider couples counseling.