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If I Fall Can I Sue My Apartment Complex?

In the incident of a slip or fall occuring at your apartment complex, depending on the situation you may be able to sue the complex according to a personal injury lawyer with our friends at the Brandy Austin Law Firm. The answer to the question “If I fall can I sue my apartment complex?” is not a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no, so here are some common questions you may have regarding the situation. 

In What Circumstances Can I Sue My Apartment Complex? 

You would be able to sue your apartment complex if they are the reason that you fell and got injured. A couple examples of when the apartment complex is at fault are if the pavement outside is broken and they have not repaired it or if there is a leak in a common area that causes a slip and fall. These two examples show that the apartment complex is negligent, and does not fix what they need to which can put their tenants in danger. 

What Circumstances Can I Not Sue My Apartment Complex? 

You cannot sue your apartment complex if the issue that caused you to fall was a problem in your individual apartment and you did not notify your apartment that you need it fixed. For example if you tripped over a toy your kid left on the ground, your apartment complex would not be held liable. On the other hand, if you tripped because your toilet was leaking and, after notifying you apartment manager or owner, it was not fixed then your apartment complex may be held liable for negligence. 

How Do I Prove That They Are At Fault? 

If you do choose to sue and you acquire an attorney, they will be able to help you by gathering proof. If there is security camera footage showing the incident then that will likely be used to demonstrate what happened. Photos of the scene may help as well to show the

surrounding area and show the reason for the fall such as broken pavement or improper installation of utilities that caused you to fall. If you are injured after this fall such as a broken bone or sprained ankle, an x-ray or your medical records can be used to show that the fall did in fact cause physical harm to you. 

How Would Suing My Apartment Complex Help Me?

If you chose to sue your apartment complex for an injury due to a fall, your apartment complex could pay for your medical bills and your recovery and they will also be forced to fix the problem that caused your injury. In the example of a leak in a common area such as the lobby, your complex would need to fix that immediately in order to prevent further injury of yourself or of other tenants. 

How Do I Sue My Apartment Complex? 

To sue your apartment complex you would need to get in contact with a personal injury attorney and they would be able to guide you from there. Your attorney can give you expert legal advice, advise you of your rights, and represent you in court if needed. They can also help you gather evidence of your injury and evidence that the apartment complex is at fault. 

There isn’t an easy answer to the question of if you can sue your apartment complex because of a fall but there are many instances in which you can. Considering it can all get a little confusing, an attorney could help inform you of the facts of the situation and what you would be able to do if you chose to take legal action.