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5 Personal Injuries That Need Cosmetic Dentistry

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In the law, a personal injury case happens when a person is harmed due to another person’s behavior, often due to negligence or even malicious intent. Personal injury cases can vary in size, with some injuries ranging from a broken arm to traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes, an injury can result in a victim having broken, chipped, or missing teeth, which may require them to receive cosmetic dentistry. 

Following a personal injury case, a victim is within their legal rights to work with an attorney to receive compensation for any damage. Whether or not the opposing party would be liable to pay for dental procedures may depend on the case. However, alongside economic damages, which account for factors with a specific monetary value, non-economic damages can be awarded, effectively giving a victim funds for pursuing cosmetic dentistry if they choose so. We’ll explore five common types of personal injuries that may call for a person to receive cosmetic dentistry: 

1. Car Accidents 

Car accidents are perhaps the most common form of personal injuries, unfortunately. Depending on the severity of a car crash, a victim wanting cosmetic dentistry might not be at the top of their list. However, they may want to pursue dental help further down the road after dealing with other medical concerns. 

2. Slips and Falls 

Slips and falls often happen while on the job or when visiting a property for a business of some sort. For example, a retail store that has a wet floor and neglects to warn customers by putting out the correct signage. While problems like broken bones happen more, it’s also possible for a person to receive broken or chipped teeth. 

3. Product Liability

A personal injury can also occur due to a defective product. For example, it’s possible to sue if you break a tooth after eating hard food, either packaged food or while in a restaurant. While arguing against food being too hard can be difficult, another problem that occurs is when food contains a foreign object, like a piece of hard plastic, that causes you to break a tooth. In such a situation, then the restaurant or manufacturer will likely be held liable. 

4. A Construction Accident 

Construction sites can be dangerous, rather you’re a worker or a pedestrian passing by. Objects like a falling hammer can hit you in the face, damaging your teeth. Depending on the situation, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation or a personal injury case. 

5. Dental Malpractice 

Like medical malpractice, dental malpractice can occur as well. A patient can come in for a routine cleaning or a standard procedure only to face issues like a broken or chipped tooth. Whether the damage is minor or significant, the dentist or the dentist practice as a whole can be held liable.

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